Home security systems are becoming more popular and easier to use. Thanks to the technology of smart security, you can monitor your home via your smartphone while you’re away. Even without a security system, there are options to keep your home safe. Boost security and your own peace of mind with these tips.

Keep Your Home Safe by Installing Timers on Lights

Create the illusion that someone is home when you’re out of the house. Add timers to lights and set them to power on and off throughout the day and evening. As an alternative, purchase smart bulbs to install in lighting fixtures. These bulbs can be managed from your smartphone. Even when you’re away, you can turn them on and adjust the brightness of the bulbs.

Add Alarm Decals to Windows

Whether you have an alarm system or not, use decals to warn would-be intruders that there is a security system in place. These decals are available online and will stick to windows and sliding glass doors. You can also purchase signage for your lawn that indicates the home is protected by a security system. This information can be enough to deter a burglar.

Use Motion-Sensing Lighting

Motion-detecting light fixtures turn lights on if movement is detected. These are useful to illuminate the driveway or the side yard. A light that powers on automatically is great to deter burglars because it can make them feel like they’ve been spotted.

Tidy Landscaping Helps Keep Your Home Safe

Someone who is planning to break into your house may hide in the bushes or use the cover of overgrown shrubbery to access a lower floor window. Maintain the landscaping and keep bushes, trees, and shrubs near the home trimmed away from the house. Don’t give intruders a place to hide.

Be Cautious on Social Media

With the popularity of social media apps and websites, you may be tempted to share vacation or travel plans with your followers. To be on the safe side, wait until you return from your trip to post pictures and information about your location. By advertising you’re out-of-town, you are helping would-be intruders create a schedule for breaking into your home.

Put Tools Away to Keep Your Home Safe

Now that the weather is warmer, you are probably doing a lot of yard work and tackling projects around the house. At the end of the day, take a few minutes to tidy up and put away your tools. Garden implements, the hammer you’re using to repair the deck, and the ladder you leave sitting in the side yard are useful tools for a burglar to access your home.

Check Door and Window Locks

Make a habit of checking windows and doors before you leave the house. If you have children, assign them the task of locking up when you’re going to run errands. Sliding glass doors and upper floor windows should be secured. Frequently, a burglar can access a home easily because a door or window has been left unlocked.

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