It can be tempting to skip a professional home inspection when buying a home. After all, inspections cost hundreds of dollars and add time to the process of closing on the house. However, waiving this step could cost you much more in the long run. Home inspections provide crucial insight into any hidden issues with a property, allowing you to make an informed decision before signing on the dotted line. Here are a few reasons you should never waive a home inspection.

Never Waive a Home Inspection Because You Could Miss Structural Issues

A home inspection provides an in-depth look at the integrity of a property’s structure, including the roof and foundation. Without an inspection, you may not learn about issues with the structure of the home until problems worsen.

An Inspector Knows What to Look For

No matter how much you know about home construction, a professional inspector can identify issues you may not catch on your own. They have the training and experience to recognize problems, safety concerns, and other deficiencies, giving you an accurate assessment of the property’s condition.

You Could Pay More for Repairs

If you waive the home inspection, necessary repairs may cost more in the long term, as a problem usually worsens with time. An inspector can identify current issues, so you’ll know what repairs and improvements will be necessary. Discovering issues early can help you avoid expensive home repairs.

A Professional Inspection May Change Your Mind

A home inspection may uncover major issues – such as structural problems or roofing concerns – and change your opinion of the property. Rather than committing to the purchase, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the investment based on the inspector’s findings.

Find Safety Issues

A home inspector will look for safety hazards that could be a threat to you and your family down the road. This includes faulty wiring, structural damage, and mold growth. Without an inspection, these issues may not be discovered until they become a much larger problem.

Never Waive a Home Inspection Because it Could Affect Your Home Insurance

Some home insurance companies require proof of an inspection before they’ll provide coverage. Depending on the insurance agent, you may not be eligible for a policy or may have to pay higher premiums due to the added risk of undisclosed issues with the property.

When buying a home, don’t waive a home inspection. An inspection provides valuable insights into the property’s condition, allowing you to make an informed decision before closing.

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