If you are lucky enough to have a garage at your house, there are infinite ways that you can use it to store your belongings, do your hobbies, or give you a little extra space for whatever you love. However, many of us have garages filled with clutter and boxes. The best way to maximize the usefulness of your garage is by organizing it. Here are some of our favorite tips to organize your garage.

Clean Up Before You Organize Your Garage

It’s essential to have a clean slate to organize things, so you should always start the organization by first cleaning up your space. Clear everything out of the garage and sort items into three categories: things in good condition that you can donate, things that are broken or expired to dispose of, and things you want to keep. Keep in mind that some things, like batteries or chemicals, may have special rules for disposal.

Think Critically About What You Own 

After cleaning up and sorting through everything, you should think about what you own and need to put away. As you organize your garage, the correct type of storage matters the most. Many people mount pegboards or add shelving before thinking about what they are putting away on them. Plan your storage around what you own, not the other way around.

Don’t Store on Your Garage Floor

It can be tempted to use as much floor space as possible to use as much of your garage as you can, particularly if you do not need to store a car in it, but focus on vertical storage instead of cluttering up the floor. The garage is a popular entry point for pests into the home. Keeping things tidy and off the floor is a big help. A clear floor is easier to sweep regularly and notice any early signs of nests or other pest activity.

Explore Types of Vertical Storage and Organize Your Garage

As you organize your garage, you should think about how you can use the walls and vertical storage to your benefit. Some of the most popular systems available for most garages include:

  • Pegboards, which can be easily installed on your own and hold small or mid-sized items like tools
  • Panel systems, which are a more secure option since they mount directly to the wall 
  • Track-based systems, which are mounted directly to the studs inside of your garage walls so that you can hang anything you need, including things like rakes and bikes

Make sure that you choose the right vertical storage for you when you organize your garage.

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