As the weather heats up, more families will be spending summer days outside in their pools. Swimming pools are great for recreation and exercise for people of any age. However, it’s important to keep your friends and family safe at your pool. Homeowners can never be too careful when it comes to pool safety, and special steps should be taken to keep children safe.

Fence Around the Pool

Many municipalities now require backyard pools to be enclosed by a fence. A pool fence should have a self-closing latch and not be easily climbed. This is the best way to prevent a curious toddler from wandering too close to the pool.

The CDC says that 77% of accidental pool drownings involve children under five years old. Some families install backdoor alarms or water contact buoy alarms to add extra layers of protection for pool safety. Other pool owners opt for a cover that also prevents water from evaporating and keeps heating costs lower.

Pool Safety and Swimming Lessons

Many parents place young children in swimming lessons when they’re toddlers. If you have a home pool, everyone in your household should know how to swim. Most swim instructors give children scenario-based training on how to react should they accidentally fall into the pool so that they can recover quickly and safely. Swimming lessons are a worthy investment when it comes to pool safety.

Safe Drain Covers

Children and adults may become trapped by the vacuum effect in pool drains. Anti-entrapment drain covers are available that prevent injuries and accidents. All pools constructed after 1998 must have them, but older pools should be retrofitted for this important pool safety component. Teach children not to swim near drains, regardless of the design of the drain cover.

Learn CPR to Improve Pool Safety

The American Red Cross and community organizations across the country offer free CPR training on how to help adults and children (including infants and toddlers). These free classes give parents and friends training so they can respond in emergencies and help prevent drownings.

Pool owners can never be too cautious when it comes to pool safety, particularly pool owners with small children. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-5. These easy tips will improve the likelihood that your family will be safe enjoying your pool.

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