If you’re selling your house, chances are the buyer will order an inspection. As the homeowner, there are several things you can do to prepare for a home inspection. These tasks won’t take long and will make the inspection process faster and easier.

1. Provide Access to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Make sure all areas of the property are accessible to the inspector. Unlock every door and gate. Don’t overlook attic hatches and crawl spaces. If these doors have not been opened for a long time, you may need to pry them open so they will open easily.

2. Clear Paths

To prepare for a home inspection, box up items so they are not in the inspector’s way. Don’t block hallways or stairwells with your belongings. The home inspector will need to enter every room and walk around it, including the garage, attic, and basement. Make sure the inspector can access the water heater and electrical panel.

3. Clear the Exterior

Just like the interior, clear the walkways around the house. Move trash bins away from the home. Trim bushes that are against the siding, and rake dirt away from the foundation. If you have an exterior air conditioning unit, clear a path to it and sweep off any debris.

4. Prepare for a Home Inspection by Checking the Lights

Turn on all lights to test the bulbs. Don’t overlook closet lights, appliance bulbs, and attic fixtures. If a lighting fixture uses several bulbs, make sure all of them are working. The inspector will note any fixtures that do not operate even if it is because of a blown light bulb.

While you are checking lights, test the ceiling fans too. Inspect pilot lights to make sure they are lit. Pilot lights can be in water heaters, stoves, furnaces, and other appliances. If you are not comfortable lighting them, contact your local gas company.

5. Contain Pets During the Inspection

To prepare for a home inspection, arrange to have your pets safely out of the way. If you have an indoor cat, kennel it. There will be a lot of movement in and out of the house and your animals might escape. If your dog barks a lot, you may want to take him or her off the property so the inspector can work in peace.

6. Label the Electrical Panel

Open the electrical panel and make sure the breakers are marked. If they are not, you can label them yourself, but the job goes much faster with two people. Use your cell phones to communicate about which breakers affect certain rooms. Turn off each breaker then turn them on again, noting which room and plugs they are connected to. Make sure the labels are easy to read. Even if the home is vacant, have the utilities on for the inspection.

7. To Prepare for a Home Inspection, Test Smoke Detectors

To check devices, push the test button. Test every smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the house. Change the batteries if the alarms don’t sound and re-test the device. Replace any detectors that are over 10 years old or when the manufacturer recommends.

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