Solar lighting is a cost-effective way to brighten your yard without increasing electricity bills. Solar-powered lights are available at hardware and home improvement stores or online. However, buying these lights is only the first step; figuring out the best ways to use them is a different task. Good lighting will be attractive and functional. Here are a few ideas for the uses of solar lighting.

Uses of Solar Lighting: Illuminate Pathways

Place solar lights along pathways. The lights boost curb appeal and improve safety on the property. Don’t cluster the lights in one area when placing the lights along the walkway. Distribute the lights so they’ll illuminate the length of the path.

String Lights

String lights are affordable and easy to install. Decide where you will install them before purchasing the lights. Measure the area, so you’ll know what lengths of string lights to buy.

This type of lighting looks great in areas where you entertain guests. String lights brighten a space and make it feel more welcoming. They can be used in the shrubbery, around deck railings, hanging on a fence, and inside a gazebo.

Showcase the Architecture With Solar Lighting

Another use of solar lighting is showcasing a home’s architectural features, primarily through uplighting. Uplighting involves installing a light near the base of a specific feature. It draws attention to the area.

There are four types of uplighting: silhouetting, spotlighting, wall-washing, and shadowing. If you want a bold look, include spotlights to make the shadows more dramatic. But, if you prefer a subtle look, use floodlights as they illuminate more expansive areas, making the shadows less prominent. Since these concepts can seem complicated, you might hire a professional lighting expert to design your landscape lighting.

Lighting the Fence

Solar fence lights are a simple and easy way of adding ambiance to the property. Attach them to the fence directly or place them on top of each fence post. These lights are visually appealing and help provide a safe environment for you and your family at night.

Uses of Solar Lighting in the Garden

If you have a home garden with attractive foliage and flowers, accentuate them with solar stake lights or flat puck lights. These lights are affordable and take almost no time to install. They will illuminate your favorite garden spots and boost curb appeal after dark.

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