Many homeowners wait until Spring to list their homes for sale. If you’re preparing to put your home on the market, take these 5 steps to get your home ready to sell.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Once you’ve decided you want to sell your home, it’s important to have a solid understanding of its condition and any existing problems. Most potential buyers will order a home inspection before they close on the sale. Problems that are discovered in the inspection usually result in renegotiations from the buyer.

As the seller, you have the option to order a pre-listing inspection before any buyers ever view the house. This gives you time to fix problems before putting the house on the market or allow for future repairs by adjusting the price accordingly.

Hire a Seller’s Agent

Selling a home is a stressful experience and there are plenty of tough decisions to make. Having an industry professional on your side will help you every step of the way.

From pricing the home to helping you decide what issues to fix, a real estate agent has insights that you can’t get from anyone else. Hire an agent to help you sell your home and the rest of the process will go more smoothly.

Address Serious Issues to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

There are some issues that will cause a roadblock in your home sale. Buyers often get scared away by failing roofs, mold infestations, termite damage, and foundation problems. Once you’ve received your pre-listing inspection report, you have an insider’s view of what a buyer would discover in their home inspection.

Your real estate agent will help you decide how to deal with any serious problems. It may be worth paying to fix some issues so you can sell your home for a higher price. In some cases, disclosing the issue to the seller and reducing the asking price is the right call.

Make Cosmetic Improvements

Aesthetic flaws aren’t likely to ruin your sale, but a home that looks pristine will receive more interest. As a buyer tours the home for the first time, you don’t want them to notice broken outlet covers, chipping paint, and dents in the walls. These issues are easy to fix yourself, so take the time to do it before selling your home.

Improve Curb Appeal

Especially if you are selling your home in the spring or summer, the landscaping on your property sets the stage for the buyer’s first impression. Mow the lawn, trim back bushes, and plant colorful flowers on the property. A well-maintained front yard sends the message that you take care of your whole home.

Take Professional Photos

Once any problems have been fixed and the yard looks great, bring in a professional photographer. Real estate photographers have skills that work magic with indoor spaces and light. They know the best angle to capture a room. The photos on your online listing will make or break your success when gaining interest from buyers.

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